We offer comprehensive testing.

Unlike many other labs, EPTL offers a multitude of testing. Many of our competitors only offer gas chromatography or water analysis, but not both. EPTL has the capabilities to provide comprehensive environmental testing, including analyses of oil and natural gas, hydrocarbon, water, soil and minerals. For example, we offer complex testing such as chemical analysis on solids and extensive crude oil assays.




We’re convenient.

We understand our customers are busy and need results fast. That’s why we offer a variety of testing so you don’t have to use multiple labs.


We have modern equipment.

EPTL only utilizes modern analytical equipment. Many of our competitors don’t own such advanced equipment, such as an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and an ICP. As such, competitor labs are forced to provide very basic analyses, using more archaic time consuming wet chemistry methods. 


We’re experienced.

Our staff has more than 10 years of experience in analytical chemistry. We ensure QA/QC measures and are committed to presenting customers with results in a timely matter.  Without the great team we have, EPTL would have not grown to as large and diverse as it is today.