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Water Analysis


EPTL employs various EPA methods for the analysis of freshwater and wastewater, including wet chemistry analysis, trace element analysis, common and toxic metal analysis, and element analysis. Additional parameters include chemical oxygen demand, oil and grease, coliform/E. Coli bacteria, and more.



EPTL performs numerous ASTM and GPA chromatography methods on a variety of sample matrices, including natural gas, LPG, condensate, crude oil, and tar. A dual flame ionization detector/thermal conductivity detector allows for low-level analysis of hydrocarbons in air or biogas samples. Mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) is employed for the qualitative analysis of unknown compounds and for the quantitative analysis with acquired analytes of interest.



Petroleum Testing


EPTL routinely provides crude oil assays using a variety of ASTM methods such as distillation, wax content, pour point, cloud point, and total sulfur. Crude oil assays may be used adjacently with chromatographic methods. Analyses can also be conducted on crude or refined products, making them well suited for determining water content in unleaded gasoline.




Solids Analysis


Both solid scale and mineral/rock samples are analyzed for major elements such as silicon, calcium, and iron using x-ray fluorescence (XRF). Samples of drill core or cuttings may be collected and analyzed for a valuable comparison to acquired geophysical data for reservoir exploration. Exotic scales can also be analyzed by GC-MS for identification.


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Insufficient testing is costing your business thousands.

The oil and gas industry is not only challenging, but it’s also complex. To increase profits and maximize the life cycle of a well, you must understand its conditions and make adjustments. However, you can’t successfully do this without accurate data.

At EPTL, we know collecting data quickly is key to determining a solution that increases and maintains profitability. We believe you shouldn’t have to waste time, money and effort to optimize your problem wells.

That’s why our full-service lab offers convenient, cost-effective testing capabilities that provide you with timely, reliable analytics to take immediate action. 

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Why Choose EPTL?


Get accurate, timely results


Work with a lab you can trust


Better understand your well’s conditions


Increase profitability for key stakeholders

“At EPTL, we know each client and project are unique. Many customers request expedited turnarounds, so we provide a courier service with highly trained personnel who can pull and pick up samples across all major shale play upon request. At any time, customers can directly contact all EPTL staff members — including the president, account manager, laboratory director, and office manager."
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